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How We Can Help


At Danu Insight, we use advanced data analytics to shed light on the complex influence of corporate lobbying on financial and environmental policies. Our services are carefully designed to cater to the specific requirements of various stakeholders in the financial ecosystem - from corporations and asset managers to asset owners, regulators, and the wider climate community.


We provide comprehensive audits of both direct and indirect lobbying activities. Our services help corporations align their public commitments with their behind-the-scenes actions. This fosters transparency and integrity in their operations.

Asset Managers

Our data solutions enhance various aspects of investment management. We offer ESG integration, providing equity portfolio managers with detailed data on lobbying activities. This helps them assess reputational risks and refine their investment strategies. We also provide governance insights, aiding stewardship managers in verifying the authenticity of corporate communications. This ensures consistency with public investor commitments.


Our ESG fund insights are crucial in developing ESG funds that genuinely reflect climate and biodiversity goals. This includes nuanced considerations of political lobbying. We guide managers in making exclusion decisions based on robust analyses of corporate lobbying. This enhances the integrity of investment indices. Additionally, our analysis helps identify companies lagging in climate transition readiness. This enables proactive investment adjustments and helps identify missed opportunities.

Asset Owners

For asset owners, we help them select and monitor asset managers who align with long-term climate objectives.



Regulators can rely on our essential data to enforce compliance and promote transparency in ESG fund policies.

The Climate Community

Our data and insights empower organizations to hold corporations accountable, advocating for policy changes and increased corporate responsibility in line with environmental goals.

Through these tailored services, Danu Insight is not just a data provider but a strategic partner in reshaping the financial landscape to support a sustainable future. Each offering is designed to empower our clients with the knowledge to make informed decisions that drive systemic change.​


Please contact us if you would like to know more.

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